Transform Your Email Workflow with AI

Do you need help with your inbox? Then use your personal AI Copilot to Sort, Chat and Summarize your emails – Transforming email overload into Organized Efficiency

Chat with Your Inbox

From drafing emails to summarizing lengthy threads and organizing data in tables, Integrating AI to chat with emails offers a range of benefits.

  • Structure information into tables
  • Prepare drafts
  • Summarize emails

Focus on what matters with the help of your personal AI Copilot.

Automate your workflow

Automations are flexible and powerful tools to streamline your workflow. With automations you can:

  • Organize incoming emails into categories
  • Extract important data for analysis
  • Create required actions and tasks
  • Prepare automated responses

Reclaim your time and attention while InboxChat handles the routine.

Quick skim

See your emails at a glance

Integrating InboxChat into your daily email routine not only saves precious time but also sharpens your focus by delivering concise, customizable summaries, extracting the essence of each message.

Thread Summary

Thread Insights

To-the-point summaries of all your email threads

Email Summaries

Quickly skim through your emails in a flash

Contact History

Quick-Access Contact History

Instant access to summarized timeline of your interactions with each contact

Smart Contact Groups

Auto tagging contacts into manageable groups

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How it works?

A Step-by-Step Guide to Our SaaS Platform


Sign In with Your Google Account

  • Follow the on-screen instructions carefully and Grant the necessary permissions to our application
  • This allows us to process email information securely and in compliance with data protection standards
Get started

Choose Mailboxes

  • Once logged in, you'll be prompted to select the mailboxes you want our platform to access
  • You can choose one or multiple mailboxes based on your needs
  • By default InboxChat will pull 100 latest emails from chosen mailboxes

Let InboxChat pull and process emails

  • After selecting your mailboxes, our AI begins to process your emails
  • This process is automated, ensuring your email management is streamlined and efficient

Frequently asked questions

Currently, we support only Google Accounts

InboxChat is certified by Google through the CASA Tier 2 Security Certification, ensuring we hold your information to the highest level of security.

While technically our system has the ability to access your emails query and display them, in practice, we've implemented stringent security measures to ensure your privacy. Any instance where our team needs access to data is carefully logged, and these logs are scrutinized weekly.

InboxChat finds the most relevant emails, pulls the information needed and replies to your query.

Semantic search is a way of searching that understands the meaning of your query. Instead of just matching keywords, it looks at the context and intent behind your words to find the most relevant and accurate results.

Simple Pricing

Our singular pricing plan is designed with a clear vision: to offer you the highest quality without any restrictions on features


Best option for personal use & for your next project.

$14 /month
  • Latest Models
  • Unlimited Messages
  • Up to 10 Automations
  • Auto Summaries
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